Maintenance Energy Savings Agreement (ESA)

Kings Aire will visit your home twice a year for inspections, Summer and Winter

Preventive maintenance keeps your system running at peak, trouble free efficiency. Before it gets too cold or too hot, have one of our NATE Certified Kings Aire technicians get your comfort system up and running. Call Kings Aire today at 915-592-2997 to set up your annual maintenance agreement, it’s easy, it will save you money and most importantly, it will prolong the life of your equipment.

Preventative Maintenance

What services need to be performed for preventive maintenance on my heating and air conditioning equipment, and how often should this maintenance be performed?

Let us perform preventative maintenance before the winter heating season and before the summer cooling season.

Kings aire offers service agreements that may include reduced rates on labor and parts and provide priority response.

Service/maintenance agreements may include cleaning indoor and outdoor coils, tightening electrical connections, checking supply voltage and operating current checking refrigerant charge, measuring temperature differential at supply and return registers, cleaning blower wheel and motor, inspecting and adjusting burner, checking heat exchangers, cleaning drain lines and pan, checking ductwork for leaks and insulation, and checking thermostat.

In order to maintain your 10 year warranty in good standing, maintenance is required.



  • Check refrigerant level and identify any refrigerant leaks.
  • Inspect all electrical power, control wiring, contractors and disconnect switch.
  • Test high and low pressure safeties and fan controls.
  • Remove or clean filters.
  • Check belt and bearings (lubricate when needed)
  • Inspect evaporator and condenser coils.
  • Check operation of thermostat.
  • Report any repair needed during inspection to customer.
  • Check for gas leaks furnace areas.
  • Remove, clean or replace filters.
  • Check glow coil or spark ignitor.
  • Visual inspection of all electrical components. Oiling on indoor blower motor. (if the motor has oil port)
  • Inspect and check operation of thermostat.
  • Cycle furnace and check operation.
  • Check all safety controls.
  • Perform carbon monoxide test.

Just like oil changes to your car, heating and air conditioning system will work better with regular maintenance.
*The more units you have the more of a savings you will receive.